The goal of the advertising campaign launched by GoRaleigh in January 2020 is to promote the investments of the Wake Transit Plan and to educate the public about the great features of riding the bus compared to a daily commute in a single occupancy vehicle.

With four ads that promote a variety of features and perks of riding the bus, GoRaleigh hopes that more people will turn to the bus for commuting instead of dealing with the daily hassle of driving a car. 

Commuting can be stressful, but riding with GoRaleigh guarantees less stress, fewer accidents and a worry-free commute. Shorter wait times and expanded service to Rolesville, Knightdale and Garner makes commuting easier than ever. Plus, with free Wi-Fi on board the bus, you can easily multi-task while on your way to work or anywhere else. Catch one of GoRaleigh’s state-of-the-art Compressed Natural Gas buses at any one of our 1,400 stops and know that your commute is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

For those who don’t need to commute for work, GoRaleigh has you covered as well. Get your Youth GoPass or Senior ID and ride free! 

With this kind of freedom and flexibility, you can trust GoRaleigh to get you where you need to go. 

Find out more about the bus and all of it’s features by exploring

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