Take control of your commute with TransLoc, and you’ll save time.

Taking the Bus? 

The free TransLoc Rider app lets you always know where your bus is located. Our buses are equipped with GPS locators, so you can see them moving in real time and get arrival predictions and proximity alerts. Save time by not waiting at the bus stop!

Where to Download

The TransLoc Rider app is available for Android and Apple devices. Download the app at transloc.com/app. Don’t want to download the app? Visit triangle.transloc.com to see where your bus is in real time.

Apple Store

Google Play

Tips for Using TransLoc Rider

  • After downloading the app, go to your phone’s settings and enable “location.”
  • After you launch the app for the first time, a map with bus routes serving your current location will appear.
  • Tap on a stop to see the closest stop ID, and you’ll see a list of routes that service the stop, and anticipated bus arrival times.
  • You can also set favorites or alerts by tapping the heart or bell icons.
  • For more information, visit http://translocrider.com/features.

Tips for Using triangle.transloc.com

  • From triangle.transloc.com, choose your bus agency (GoTriangle, GoDurham etc.) from the left menu.
  • Click on your route from the left menu.
  • Zoom in with + button on the map until you see bus stops (indicated with small shaded circles).
  • Click on your stop to see your bus arrival time.
  • View buses by their number as they move along the routes.