GoRaleigh Busopoly

Enhance your daily work commute by using GoRaleigh! You can learn more about all of our routes and what works best for you here

GoRaleigh is excited to launch its Busopoly Marketing Campaign in July 2023. The campaign encourages residents of Raleigh, NC and the surrounding area to “Go with GoRaleigh” through a nostalgic design that incorporates a twist on the classic board game.

Through a design concept that appeals to many, both young and old, the campaign will urge people to use GoRaleigh no matter where they “Go”. From exploring all the City of Oaks has to offer such as concerts, parks, restaurants, shopping and events to education opportunities at local museums, libraries and schools, you can “Go” with the GoRaleigh Busopoly campaign.

The campaign will feature four different “Go” seasons where riders can earn points by riding the bus through an app based Busopoly game. Riders can earn prizes throughout the different seasons: Go Play (Summer), Go Learn (Fall), Go Shop (Winter) and Go Work (Spring).

With suspended fares continuing through June 2024, you can ride to all of these places you already frequent for free.

No matter where life takes you, Go with GoRaleigh! Learn more at GoRaleigh.org.

How to Ride the Bus

Utilizing GoRaleigh's expansive bus system is simple and easy with just a few quick steps. Plan. Track. Ride.

Plan your trip and where you want to go using various trip planning tools. 

Hop on the bus and identify where you need to get off the bus at the appropriate stop. 

When you are approching your stop pull the yellow cord by your seat to signal you are ready to depart the bus at your next stop. Once you arrive at your stop, exit the bus and proceed to your desired destination!

Play Busopoly with GoRaleigh!

GoRaleigh is continuing a fun, bus centric game to challenge riders to explore more routes and new parts of the city. Players can join now to be ready for the first day - December 1. To play there are just a few easy steps you need to take.  


  1. Download the Eventzee App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and create an account.


  1. After creating an account enter code GoRaleigh to join the Busopoly game. Please enter code exactly as typed.


  1. There are a total of five routes in this game. The routes include #1, #6, #8, #16 and #20. You can check in at any bus stops along the five routes by entering the stop number. Each check in gives you points that count towards your monthly total. You can enter a stop number for each stop once per route each day. Each stop number entry is worth five points.


  1. The top three players at the end of the campaign on December 31 will receive a prize. First place will receive pair of Beats Solo 3 Wireless Head Phones, second place will receive a pair of Air Pods and third place will receive a Home Pod Mini.


To give additional opportunities for points there will be other types of challenges scattered throughout the campaign (i.e. trivia questions). For any questions about Busopoly or about GoRaleigh please contact GoRaleigh@RaleighNC.gov.