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GoRaleigh Fares & Passes

GoRaleigh Fares & Passes

GoRaleigh is returning to fare collection effective September 1, 2024

After suspending fares during the COVID-19 pandemic, GoRaleigh will resume collection of fares on September 1, 2024. July 2024 will serve as a “find your fare” month where riders can explore the best ticketing option to prepare for when fares are collected.

In August, riders will be asked to board the bus using the UMO Mobile app, UMO Card or cash. Riders will be provided a UMO promo code or a complimentary day pass on the bus to help riders adapt to returning to fares.

Fares will begin to be collected on September 1, 2024.

Payment options for passengers include new digital ticketing and a convenient pass for income qualified riders to ride fare-free. Youth (ages 13-18) and seniors (ages 65 and older) will still ride free (as they did pre-pandemic) after they enroll in one of the GoPass programs that allows them to use the Umo digital ticketing platform.

GoRaleigh Fare Options

Single Ride Fare - $1.25

Fares can be paid through the UMO app, an UMO card or through cash on the bus

UMO App: Download through the Apple Store or Google Play Store

UMO Card: Learn how to pick up a card here

Cash: Pay in EXACT change when getting on the bus.  

  • Insert your cash and coins into the farebox. The location for the bill-slot and coin-drop is the lower right corner. The farebox will not accept bills over $20. Bills should be flat and unfolded. Drop coins one at a time.
  • If you do not have exact change, you will not receive cash back. If you are due more than $1 in change, you will need to ask the driver for you to be issued a Change Card that can be used on future bus rides. The value of the Change Card will be printed on the back.

Single Ride Discount Fare - $0.60

Discount Fare is available for persons with disabilities. 

Customers must present a valid GoRaleigh ID card.

Half Fare for Medicare Card Users - $0.60

Customers must present a valid Medicare Card.

Single Ride Fare - Seniors, Age 65 or Older - Free

Customers must present a valid GoRaleigh ID Card.

Single Ride Fare - Youth, Age 13-18 - Free

Free with Youth GoPass. Learn more: GoTriangle.org/discount-fare-qualifications

Single Ride Fare - Youth, Age 12 or Younger - Free

No ID Card required, except for youth taller than 60 inches. See below.

Transit Assistance Program (TAP) - Free

Are you an adult age 19-64 who qualifies for Medicaid or SNAP/EBT benefits? Or is your household income below $35,000? You can ride GoRaleigh buses for free with TAP card.


GoRaleigh Access Fare per Trip - $2.50

Riders must be eligible for this program: Learn More: GoRaleigh Access Eligibility

Fare Capping 

Fare caps are the maximum amount a rider would pay in a given period of time using your GoPass.


  • Children age 12 and younger ride for free with an adult. 
  • Youth ages 13 - 18 can qualify for free fare. (Without qualifying, youth pay the discounted fare.) 
  • Seniors age 65 and older can qualify for free fare. 
  • Passengers with disabilities can qualify for discounted fare. 
  • Transit Assistance Pass option.

Mobile Ticketing 

Mobile Ticketing through UMO.