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GoRaleigh Resumes Fare Collection

Updated June 25, 2024

GoRaleigh will begin collection fares on August 1, 2024. July 2024 will serve as a “find your fare” month where riders can explore the best ticketing option to prepare for when fares are collected. Payment options for passengers include new digital ticketing and a convenient pass for income qualified riders to ride fare-free. Youth (ages 13-18) and seniors (ages 65 and older) will still ride free (as they did pre-pandemic) after they enroll in one of the GoPass programs that allows them to use the Umo digital ticketing platform.

Starting July 1, 2024, a GoRaleigh bus trip will cost $1.25, after more than four years of free rides.  

The R-Line will for the first time charge the ride fare of $1.25 per person. GoRaleigh Access fares will also resume. Reduced fare programs and daily, weekly and monthly pass options will be available and are summarized in the chart below.

GoRaleigh riders will have a new app to manage their payments and passes. The app also monitors bus locations and gives timetables. Download Umo from the Apple or Google Play store and read more on Umo and GoRaleigh.

 Regular Fare Reduced 1/2 Fare
Single ride $1.25 Single ride $0.60 cents 
Day pass $2.50 Day pass $1.25 
7-day pass $12.00 7-day pass $6.00 
31-day pass $40.00 31-day pass $20.00 
Senior citizen (65+) FREE Senior citizen (65+) FREE 
Youth 18 and under FREE Youth 18 and under FREE 
ADA Access trip $2.50 (2x base fare) N/AN/A

For more information on all programs visit: https://goraleigh.org/goraleigh-fares-passes

More information regarding transit assistance passes is coming soon!