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Raleigh Downtown Transportation Plan



In November 2016, Wake County voters approved a transit-dedicated half-cent sales tax to support funding the recommendations of the Wake Transit Plan. This plan created a vision for transit to connect the region and all Wake County communities by providing frequent, reliable urban mobility and enhancing access to transit. The Downtown Transportation Plan builds on the Wake Transit Plan by further developing the vision for transit, transportation, and mobility in Downtown Raleigh. This plan will develop the vision for a balanced multimodal transportation network that reflects a diverse spectrum of transportation needs, including automobile, bicycle, pedestrian, and public transportation users.

The City of Raleigh, in partnership with CAMPO, GoTriangle, and NCDOT is leading this multimodal transportation plan which will provide recommendations on improvements for bicycles, pedestrians, transit, transportation, and urban design through the next 10 years. This will include recommendations for the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes identified in the 2016 Wake Transit Plan throughout Downtown Raleigh.

View the 2019 Raleigh Downtown Transportation Plan Executive Summary here.

RDTP - Volume 1- Existing Conditions & Current Systems Inventory here.

RDTP - Volume 2 - Scenario Evaluation here. 

RDTP - Volume 3 - Implementation Plan here.

RDTP - Voume 4 - Public Outreach here.

Volume 1-  Appendix
Volume 2 - Appendix
Volume 4 - Appendix